“We really liked Anne’s down to earth personality & her practical, low pressure approach to things. She went the extra mile in finding info to help us make decisions.” Dara & Mike P 

“Anne made it so easy and gave great advice.  Made the deal happen for both parties.  I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome.  I am so glad I was referred to Anne McKee.You made our long distance deal so straight forward and easy. Best phone call I’ve ever made. Talked me through the process, great communicator, fantastic job on your part.” Jim & Anne W

“Knowing that we can always trust you and you were making sure it was fair for us and the buyers.  The relationship that we’ve developed over the years makes it a pleasure to work with you (and stress-free).” Ted M & Meg L

The best part about working together: “Your can-do, positive attitude.  You kept us informed and were always positive. Sue and I appreciate all your hard work.” Mo & Sue J

The best part about working together was “your thoroughness, efficiency and professionalism.  We really enjoyed working with you and appreciate all the time and effort you put in.  We would definitely recommend you in the future.”  Shawn & Wendy

“My sisters and I spent years dreading the whole sales process but you made it as painless as possible.  Your professionalism and calm patience were most appreciated.  Thanks for all your hard work on our behalf and all the details you handled with our best interests above all. You have our highest respect and admiration.” Tyan T.

“I had no idea that the sale of the property would move along so smoothly . . . the best part about working together was “that so many little details were taken care of and reminders sent.”  Darcy W.

“. . .we appreciate all of your efforts that helped us acquire the land adjacent to ours.  Thank you again for your hard work and generosity.”  Martin & Thea C.

“We also want to thank you for your professionalism and good counsel as we slogged through the process.  Be sure to list us as possible referrals for your future clients as we would be sure to give you high marks.” Don & Cec L

The best part about working together:  “Making a new friend and trusting the people involved.  Thank you so much for your understanding and gentleness in handling this huge transition for me.”  Cookie H.

The best part about working together: “Efficiency, kindness, professionalism, frequent communication, catered to my desires, knowledgeable. . . Thank you, Anne.  You truly were the perfect realtor for me.” Char R

“We were fortunate to have found Anne through the referral of a family friend. At the time we were searching for a home in McCall we lived approximately 900 miles away. Because of this, it was critical for us to find an agent with area expertise and integrity. We found exactly that in Anne. Anne was able to advise us on areas that were less desirable for reasons someone unfamiliar with the area would not know. Anne constantly kept us informed of homes on the market that met our search criteria. We ultimately found a property that had everything we were searching for in a home. Anne was able to preview the listing before it hit the market. She made a FaceTime call to us while previewing the property and informed us this was the home we were searching for. We flew to McCall that weekend and were the first to view the home. With Anne’s guidance we submitted an offer the next day and had our offer accepted. Had it not been Anne’s understanding of what we were searching for and her diligence as an agent, we would have missed that opportunity. Anne’s service didn’t end with the close of escrow. She has been a constant source of referrals to help us settle into our new home. We can’t recommend Anne highly enough. She’s the best of the best!” Michelle & Joel SThe best part about working together: “all parts – from beginning to end!! You supported me in all aspects of selling my McCall home. I had total trust in your ability to do all aspects of the sale. You’re a knowledgeable realtor, great counselor/support person.  You do it all in a relaxed, warm, friendly way.  Thx so much!!”  Jan W.

“Besides working with a very nice person and competent realtor, knowing she always had our best interest at heart!  Especially, since we didn’t live in the area.  We feel very fortunate to have had Anne on our side!  She went above and beyond normal duties!” Vicki H

The best part about working together: “the perfect blend of friendship and professionalism. Thank you for your patient and knowledgeable explanations each step of the way.” Phoebe & Nick H

The best part about working together was: “you kept me on track when I drifted. You uplifted my spirit when all I wanted to do was quit … You helped me reach my goal. You were always on top of things and I’m not sure anyone else would have taken the time and put in the effort that you did. It was not an easy property to deal with.” Mike D.  

“I felt like you were really looking out for my best interests. I truly appreciate EVERYTHING you did for me from start to finish! Yes, and I will most certainly recommend you to anyone I know looking for a realtor.  Thanks again, Anne.” Dina L

“We couldn’t let our friends buy any property without your help. You have our complete trust and respect…you are the sweetest person and the very best realtor in Valley County and beyond!”  Jennifer & Shawn M

“I felt like we were a team, working together toward an exciting goal. The most difficult part was understanding how the process works and Anne did a great job explaining things to me. I had a great experience working with Anne McKee. As a first time home buyer she took time to explain every step of the buying process so that I understood. Anne worked to get me the best possible price on a great home. Anne was always easy to contact and would respond quickly to all of my questions and concerns. I would encourage anyone looking in to buying a home in the area to contact Anne McKee.”  Sam F

“Everything was handled professionally and efficiently and timely.  Great communication about each procedure. Anne McKee is very pleasant to work with and she is very knowledgeable.”  Kathie J

“It's fun to work with Anne I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to purchase property in McCall or surrounding area. She returned our calls immediately, each time we called. She guided us through a negotiation process that saved several thousand dollars. She provided us with good referrals for resources in the area. Her business logo states: "Service Honor Integrity" The description is right on.”  Cindy B

The best part about working together was “your good communication, calming influence, expertise. It has been a pleasure working with you these past months. Your knowledge, openness, steady hand and humor were very reassuring to me, a 1st time seller. You have gone above and beyond, particularly with all that was involved in the transaction. All of us thank you for getting that SOLD sign on Mom’s house.” Janet J

“We are very happy with the sale and will use you again. We appreciated your honesty and apprehension of the owner carry offers. You know your stuff and we trust you - that is what is really important to us.  Thank you!!!” Eric & Amy D

The best part about working together was “hearing ‘Hi, Honey Pie’ every time I walked into your officeJ, and how carefully your reviewed documents with me. Your patience and humor.  Thanks for helping me keep my eye on the prize (I won! I won!) and for helping me keep my head in the frustrating moments.” Emily H

The best part about working together was “your willingness to accommodate our search and changing goals and plans; your professionalism always. You have been awesome to work with” Bob & Bev A

“I just wanted to thank you for everything you did for me . . . You went ‘above & beyond’ in helping me understand . . . Connie I

“You certainly went above and beyond in helping to sell my house. I will treasure my memories of working with you.  Thank you so much. I highly recommend Anne McKee if you are planning to buy or sell a house. We bought our house from her eleven years ago, and she helped find a home that was perfect for us. When I was ready to sell, I naturally went to her. She went above and beyond, including finding someone to plow and sand my icy road at the last minute so the moving truck could make it up my street. She was always there to support me through all of the many issues that arose during the process. She was definitely an advocate and good counsel when it came to negotiation. She made selling my home a positive experience and I'm sure she will for you, too.” Pat R.

“You should be commended on your communication skills.  Very clear and concise.” Tim R.

“Thank you for all your kindness, remembering our holidays.  You are a valuable asset to our community.” Dr. Deb

“The best part about working together was you thoroughness, professional manner, pleasantness, optimism, and smooth and efficient process of closing the deal. You did a great job, Anne, I could not be happier in working with you”. Rob S.

“Rob and I can’t thank you enough for your guidance, patience & expertise in making the sale of the clinic a reality. Your professionalism and attention to detail is unsurpassed.” Nancy & Rob

“We trust you fully and believe in your ability to get the job done.  You are truly our “full service agent” and you handled all phases with skilled professionalism. As we have told you in the past, it has been extremely beneficial to us to have worked with you, so that we can see how you set the bar and how you work in an ethical manner. We know real estate basics and are fairly good negotiators, but all of those other little things you do make all the difference.” Candis D.

“You exude so much happiness – my family even commented about it!” Shannon S.

“The best part about working together was your cooperative spirit. At no time did I feel pressured, and advice was presented when requested”. Tharen E.

“Whenever something was needed, Anne got it done immediately.” Robert & Marguerite P.

“Thanks for your excellent work. Anne, it has been our pleasure to work with you.  We will highly recommend you to anybody looking for their dream property in McCall. The best part about working together was your “professionalism; willingness to work over the long haul – even if it seemed futile at times”. Bob & Bev A

“We felt that you were on top of our listing, gave feedback, good sales strategy, market conditions updates. We feel like you had it covered. It’s been a pleasure working with you!” Mac & Holly L

“The best part of working together was knowing that you stay on top of everything and knowing we can trust you, that you act with integrity – always!” Steve & Judy E

“Thank you so much for all your hard work.  We really appreciate your attention to detail and keeping the process moving forward. It was a real pleasure working with you.”  Al K & Nancy F

The best part about working together was “your can-do, go for it attitude. You always kept us in the loop and made sure we knew where we stood”.  Jeremy M.

“You fairly and thoroughly placed our options in front of us. And in the end, we thought your assessment was accurate. You were patient and professional throughout.”  Tomi G.

“Continual feedback from house showings – weekly, sometimes daily contact by phone, email . . . I feel as though I’ve gained a friend!” Carla B.

“You always had plenty of time to talk, answer questions . . .Very reassuring to work with someone who has a history in McCall, understands the long range trends and can explain how that applies to my situation.” Priscilla M

The best part about working together was “your expertise in the market, your attention to detail, immediate returning of phone calls, following up on faxes and finding the answers when you were unsure (a rare event!).” Tom & Marina B

“You were very good in keeping me informed . . . (and) very interested in getting me the best deal. . . offered help in areas such as surveyor, concrete, sewer etc.” Dave V

“You handled everything – professionally. You understood what I needed without having to ask – you did it exactly as I was hoping.” Alina C

The best part of working together was “your commitment to follow-up and have an answer within 24 hours. Always available to speak personally.  Bright smile and positive attitude.” Whale & Suzi

The best part about working together: “your willingness to ‘be there’ for us – take our calls, questions, etc …whenever we needed you.” Jean B.

“We had heard many good things about you and your work, and were not surprised to find that our high expectations were exceeded. As first time homebuyers, we greatly appreciated your willingness to educate us throughout the entire process, without ever seeming condescending or impatient.  We also felt confident that you were advocating for us, and would ensure a fair deal.” Brad & Tracey K

“Anne’s always looking out for our best interest.  She doesn’t care about the sale, she cares about us.” Meg L

“I don’t know how to thank you enough, Anne.  You have gone above and beyond on this one.  You are a generous professional and friend.” Ted M

“I so appreciated your non-pressure approach to the process.  I was also thankful for your patient explanations of each step in the process. I also think your enthusiasm for your profession makes the experience for your clients a positive and fun one.”  Nancy C

“We couldn’t have had more professional and personal help from anyone else!  Thanks again for all your support and extra help beyond the call of duty.  Our experience was very unique.  Given the circumstances, the stress level was minor.  Thank you for your ongoing support through this process.  Thank you so much.” Ron & Brad F.

“The ability to use the web to search for information was extremely useful (but not as much as you) in our home search. Great experience working with you! We couldn’t have asked for a better experience. What was most helpful for me, Anne, was how well you divided up our showings each week.  We always looked at just the right amount of home for a good comparison, but I never felt overwhelmed.”  Pat & Katie M.

“Thanks again for all your help – you really went above and beyond.  If you ever need a reference, particularly for out-of-town shopping there, please use my name.  I would be happy to tell anyone how great it has been to work with you.  I am so happy with how everything worked out, and it is because of your good advice and advocacy.” Molly G.

“I did want to tell you how much I appreciated your call, and the way the whole transaction was handled.  It is so wonderful to finally have the Condo sold, and I appreciate all your efforts in closing the deal so quickly.”  Jackie L.

“You were excellent in communicating; prompt, courteous, and very accommodating . . .  counsel on alternate solutions to each situation.  You understood what I was looking for, and helped me with just that.” Sylvia C. 

“We are completely satisfied with the service you provided us.  No sales pitch, always on time, updates on progress, always prepared with paperwork, good concise summary, clear opinions of properties we looked at.  I always felt you were looking out for my interests.” Charlie & Leslie R.

“I admire your candor and “go for it” attitude!  Thanks a bunch.” Jean G.

“I can’t begin to even start to say how totally IMPRESSED I was with your 200% efforts. You are awesome!  Thank you so much for all you have done for us.”  Greg G.

“Thank you for all your help with the sale of the business.  Your thoughts and suggestions were greatly appreciated”.  Tanya N.

“Thank you for all your kindnesses –the McCall newspaper, magazines, email notices, etc.  You’re the best !!”  Steve & Judy E.

“Anne:  I am sitting here wondering how on earth I can thank a person for grabbing hold of my hand and not letting go.  Bringing such calm and much peace.  Thank you for your service, honor and integrity.”  Shannon S.

“Thank you for the tours, for our times together, for our new friendship – all can move on dreams, hopes and prayers.” Chickie M.

“Thank you for all that you have done for us.  You went beyond the call of duty!”  Bill & Janine M

“We appreciate how reliable and professional you were, yet very personable. We both feel so fortunate that you were recommended to us, and that you wanted to help.  We felt like you really cared about us finding a home we’d be happy in – and what a success – we love it here. We share so much respect for you” Michael & Shannon